Student accomodations

for degree students


University Housing

Eidar manages more than 460 student housings. And we are continuing to build more. It contributes to Trollhättan beeing one of the few cities in Sweden that meet the guarantee of housing for students. University West brings together 11,500 students from far and wide and many are choosing to move here.

The housing guarantee is an extra security for students

Trollhättan were named “Student city of the year” in 2014 by the Swedish National Union of Students (SFS). Eidar provides possibility of sharing an apartment with other students or to rent your own one. You can also rent fully furnished. Living and studying in the same city, of course, is extra convenient.

The student housing guarantee applies for you that study at least 15 p/semester at University West and have more than 30 minutes one way travel with public transport to the university campus.


To search apartment at term start

  1. When you receive your admission, register at “My pages” on and contact our rental department by mail: or telephone: 0520-877 00.
    Telephone hours are: Monday-Wednesday 10.00-16.00, Thursday 10.00-17:30 and Friday 10.00-13:00.
  2. We reserve a suitable accommodation for you and then want an answer from you before 12 o´clock the following day.
    NOTE! If you say No, you are no longer covered by the guarantee.
  3. To get the rental contract you must send your letter of admission from the University West to
  4. There is no opportunity to show you the offered housing, so prepare yourself that you must say yes or no to the accommodation without having seen it first. In connection with the term start our ordinary queuing system do not apply.


Worth knowing!

  • Access to the residence is made within 30 days of the notification of mortgage has been registered and the registration certificate is shown. In connection with the term start access will be given within 30 days from the term start.
  • There is no first or last registration day.
  • If you say No to an offered apartment, you are no longer covered by the warranty.
  • We do a credit check on you before contract signing, and if you have rent debts or credit history, you can not get the contract of Eidar.
  • We want you to have a valid home insurance.